Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Always in my heart

Year 2014-2016

Remember our first time meeting

Discussion room was the place

“Hai, I am Atiq”
“Hai, I am Mahi”
“Hai, I am Su and this is my best best friend Sofy”
“Hey, we know both of you. You are Izah and you are Korean beautiful student right? What semester both of you now?”
“She’s not Korean. She is Khoo and Malaysian. We are in second semester already.”

Remember how we spend our time together

·         -We had to move from Blok Kelah to haunted KMR

In the afternoon,
“Ahhh, its heavy. Why must we move?”
“Sabar ye awak. No choice. Our Collage is under maintenance”

At night
“Dengar tak ape yang saya dengar?”
“Bilik sebelah kan tak da orang. Kenapa bunyi barang bergerak.”
“ye la. Saya nak tidur sebelah awak malam ni”

·         We went to Cinema to watch Lucy

“Hurry up. Its already five. Lambat nanti Trafic jam”
‘Ok2 . Let’s move”

After Cinema
“Why Lucy become pendrive?”
Semua termenung panjang.

·         We excited to watch Oujia

“It’s so scary”
Tutup mata.
“I wish everyone died in this story”

·         Rooftop Prince Drama Korean series is our favorite list

“huhu, why? Why? Why the little sister must die. I want her to live and marry the Prince”
“Oppa, marry me please”

·         Every Wednesday night we cry because of tomorrow we need to present our research prof in front of our Prof

With roommate Atiq, in Room H 433
“Oh My God, tak siap lagi ni. Tak de progress. What should I do Atiq? I wish I have a strong fever that I can’t meet my Prof tomorrow”
Atiq with smile said, “Tu la tengok korea banyak sangat. Buat research sekarang!”

·         Went to INSPEM Weekly Seminar

Friday on the first week
“ Budak-Budak Inspem sila turun ke Seminar sekarang. Hari ini Bihun Singapore tambah Sirap limau ais”
“Sofy jom pegi. Sedap tu”.

Friday on the second week
“En. Amirul, What is today menu?”
“Karipap je”
“tak pe la. Saya dah Kenyang”

·         And many more

Now, in 2016, we are with our own path

“Khoo, congrats. You be a teacher now”
“Izah, tahniah.  Dah Viva. Nanti stay Pahang ke?”
“Su, Congrats. Kau buat ape Kat KLIA 1 sekarang?”
“Sofy kat Shah Alam sekarang.”
“Mahi, gud luck tau PhD”

Walaupun kita dah berjauhan sekarang, kenangan kita sepanjang master tetap subur di hati.
Terima kasih, friends.
Tanpa anda semua perjalanan master saya tak berwarna.
Till we meet again.


  1. I like your writing style. Keep writing ! Dear, you ada bakat tau, please serlahkan bakat tu untuk sesuatu yang bermanfaat. Okey !


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